EHU First Year Students’ drawing exhibition ”In Primis”


Opening of the exhibition: October 18th 5p.m.

Exhibition will be on display: October 18th – Nowember 4th.


This exhibition presents the work of first-year students in the Drawing course 

Students work in the drawing-from-imagination method, which was developed by EHU Associate Professor Sergei Seltsky. With this technique, design students quickly master sketch drawing skills needed for their future profession.

In the modern world, the attitude and perception of the visual world has changed a lot. Classical methods of teaching drawing today are ineffective, especially when it comes to the Designer’s work. Traditional way of drawing from nature, which requires slow and lengthy preparation, is difficult to afford in a rapidly changing world. The current industry demands quick solutions, new styling techniques, and the understanding and ability to solve complex problems. The original methods of the design drawing course allow students to develop the ability to quickly and easily draw using imagination, to look for solutions that will allow them to carry out complex design projects in real conditions. Over the past years, EHU has developed a new original approach to teaching drawing for designers. The course is focused primarily on mastering quick drawing using imagination, the ability to solve complex problems with minimal means. Many of our students do not have a classical art background, so we strive to equip them with skills that will enable them to solve design problems in an accessible way. First of all, we are talking about the connection between composition and drawing and about drawing according to the idea. 


The exhibition is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of  EHU


Joint exhibition “DRAWING DURING THE WAR”. 

Sergei Seletsky and Zhuk Maxim 

and Antanina Halaveshchanka


One of the main tasks of the artist is to rethink the surrounding reality responsibly. The artist reacts to changes in the world and expresses them in his work, which allows the viewer to become more aware and take a fresh look at the world. In this way, with the help of visual means, we can emphasize and reveal those aspects of our reality that we usually do not pay attention to.


Belarusian artist Sergei Seletsky works in the genre of daily creative reflection. He strives to reflect his everyday experiences of the surrounding reality in the form of expressive artistic images. Sergey Seletsky combines various traditional techniques: watercolor, pencil, markers.


Zhuk Maxim works with computer graphics and generative art techniques. In his work, he seeks to reflect the disturbing reality through simple sketch graphics. In his works, gloomy expressiveness is combined with humor and irony.



Antanina Halaveshchanka 

Young artist, student at EHU


Sergei Seletsky, Associate Professor, EHU



Minsk Art College, 1981

Decorative arts artist Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute, Department of Graphic Design 1990

Courses taught:

Artifacts of visual design: Vilnius; Visual expressiveness: drawing and composition I; First Year Project , Visual expressiveness: drawing and composition II; Visual Expression: Drawing and Composition III

Areas of scientific interest

Painting, collage, graphic design


Zhuk Maxim, EHU lecturer


Master of Sociology 2013

Courses taught:

First Year Project (Graphic); Visual expression: 2D project; Visual expressiveness: drawing and composition I; Visual expressiveness: drawing and composition II; Visual expressiveness: 3D - design; Graphic Programs

Areas of scientific interest

visualization of scientific knowledge, the role of scientific knowledge in culture , digital art, Ai art, Generative art, visual design