Design networks (mess)

Opening: May 9th 6pm.
The exhibition will be on display: May 9th - 21st.

Participants: Edita Daraškaitė, Linas Gabrielaitis, Paulius Buragas, Paulina Bradūnaitė, Simonas Milišauskas, Mose Bombardieri.

Design networks (mess)
When we present our design works, we usually pick out the prettiest objects, while cleaning up the mess and sweeping all the dust under a rug. As we look under the rug, we find unfinished prototypes that will never be finished, we find mindmaps, networks (mess) and puzzles. In the exhibition we will be showing various messes:

-Edita is exploring the relationship between rare species of wildlife and humans in the urban environment, with the goal of finding out how to improve the adaptation and survival of animals in the city.
-Paulius is exploring how virtual reality changes conventional design rules and how we see what is "professional" design in this new dimension/platform.
-Linas is exploring how books and literature construct virtual/digital spaces.
-Paulina is exploring the discourse around the relationship between sex and intimacy.
-Simonas is exploring the relationship between the function, aesthetics and cultural gaze of amputated fingers.
-Mose is exploring how a robotic spotter can help us to improve our performance during gym exercises.