The Pallas University of Applied Sciences and Vilnius Academy of Arts, Faculty of Kaunas are curating a common graphic exhibition "Tartu 6+6 Kaunas" which opens on 7th of February in A. Zmuidzinavicius museum in Kaunas and is up until 3rd of March.

The purpose of the exhibition “TARTU 6+6 KAUNAS” is to prompt more intensive cooperation between two countries, to share experience and ideas. While collaborating networks are grumbling the world, we are building international partnerships, creating and developing global relationships to improve the accessibility of art and culture to the public.

The idea of collaborative exhibition came up while looking at the historical achievements of two countries: the official relations between the countries started in 1921 when Estonia and Lithuania declared de jure each other's independence. Later, in 1991 Estonia declared Lithuania and Lithuania declared Estonia second time. In 1934, the Baltic States signed the treaty of concord and cooperation, but the peak of cooperation was reached on September 23, 1989, when the 650-kilometer-long Baltic Way embraced all three members of the treaty and attracted to cooperate 2 million people from all three Baltic States.

Tartu and Kaunas have plenty of connecting interfaces: Tartu University has educated such famous Lithuanian people as Jonas Biliūnas and Antanas Merkys. Tartu is considered as the intellectual center of Estonia, and Kaunas, the temporary capital of Lithuania, 1920-1939 was the center of Lithuanian politics, economics and culture. Although these cities, as the universities inside them, are partners for more than 20 years, the largest cooperation plans between the two countries are still to happen in the nearest future.