Doctoral studies

Valentinas Klimašauskas

Creative part: "A Portrait of Young Artist in the Style of Institutional Critique". Supervisor prof. Artūras Raila

Theoretical part: "A Portrait of Young Artist in the Style of Institutional Critique". Supervisor prof. dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius

Keywords: ontology of art, art field research, hybridity, institutional critique, theory-fiction.

Illustration: a found photo of painting dolphins at Klaipėda sea museum.

The ongoing research is based on an investigation of how the current global sociopolitical and technological changes influence the roles of (young) artists. “Young” here refers to the always unstable situation of becoming and emerging that the scene is imposing on artists. Institutional critique refers mostly to

The preliminary title of the research is “A (self)portrait of a young artist in the style of institutional critique” is closely connected to my practices as a curator and writer. I’m very much interested in how someone (a student, for example) becomes an artist, what is the role of an academy and artistic scene in this process, how an academic world shapes what is the research, what is the language and how it may be used, how a thesis’ defence process is organised, etc. Thus, if to make it more abstract, between the problematic and interesting questions is the next one - how does something personal and subjective becomes recognised and objective, especially in an artistic field where innovative, personal, and subjective are encouraged?

Who is that “young artist(s)” who is the subject of the research? What are the roles of the artists  What is the role of rumours, anonymous interviews, messages, ghostwriting and fiction in the process of using the method of institutional critique for the research? May poetic be academic and academic be poetic?