Doctoral studies

Martyna Bikulčiūtė

Creative part "Preconscious: fiction of reality and virtual reality". Supervisor prof. Aušra Lisauskienė
Theoretical part "Preconscious: fiction of reality and virtual reality". Supervisor assoc. prof. Nerijus Milerius

The aim of the research is to design virtual objects based on individual’s senses; create the virtualization of those senses and explore the difference in perception between virtual and physical worlds. The focus of the research is on differentiating the physical environment from the virtual reality and their potential overlaps and, in this way, to analyse the effect virtual reality has on thinking and visual perception in people.

Human feelings and emotions are extended to virtual reality where the physical objects can be virtualised. This often creates a fictitious and utopian world for the person immersed in the virtual reality which brings experiences the person cannot encounter in everyday life. Based on the human thinking process and perception of virtual reality the (project/study) aims to create the environment of extended opportunities since the individual understands the world by one’s subjective experience of the environment which helps to expand the understanding of the world. The individual compensates for the senses one does not use by strengthening others. Based on this, virtual reality allows extension of human perception and, therefore, the alternatives of understanding the world can be sought.