Doctoral studies

Jan Georg Glöckner

Creative part: "Choreography for fungi and humans in and around submerged culture". Supervisor prof. Žilvinas Lilas

Theoretical part: "The development of a basic working language that allows for communication between fungal dancers and human choreographers in order to create collaborative dance pieces". Supervisor dr. Janis Liepins

This thesis investigates the choreographic potential of fungi and humanx in and around submerged culture. The theatre for these encounters between the two mentioned agents is twofold. The physical space is under water. A space that is currently not constantly inhabited by both agents (this research is conducted with non- aquatic fungi), but can be temporarily inhabited if specific needs are met. (An attempt for common ground and elimination of home advantage.) The conceptual space is a mental laboratory in which the roles and hierarchies of who-does-research-on-whom and the practices of exploitation of other-than-humanx guided by human-supremacy are challenged and a new common ground without these constrictions might be found. This is non-goal-oriented fundamental research, and the methods deployed reflect this approach. Amongst the possible outcomes of this research endeavour will be the uncovering of a grammar that can be used by fungi and humanx to choreograph dance-pieces together, as well as practical tools and devices that aid in this communication.