Sandra Macijauskaitė’s personal exhibition 'Mythopoetic Thought' at the VAA gallery „5 malūnai“ from June 17th – August 24th

The virtual world has evolved into one of our most common forms of communication. Offering a new space for artists and creators a chance to combine information using traditional methods, whilst translating concepts into new technological narrative forms. Project 'Mythopoetic Thought' may not first appear as a traditional approach, but it begins with Lithuanian mythology and folklore. Drawing from my own ethnographic study of the cultural and linguistic heritage of the country, I sought to re-establish Lithuania's unique mythology into digital forms which would inform and inspire my work. Historically Lithuanian folklore and symbolism manifested through national identity and language. It is the definition of a cultural legacy, which was constructed on a mythical philosophy that was applied as a method to explain the world and environment.

Traditionally Baltics each held symbols assigned to mythical creatures or universal elements, of which each symbol carried a piece of specific information. Through linking them with each other unique patterns and networks were created. As a Lithuanian native, folklore has always been close to my heart. Thus I naturally have a need to comprehend my own cultural heritage.

Through years of Lithuanian oppression, many historical archives surrounding folklore and its mythology were destroyed or lost, however, some have still made it into our present day. Applying the data collected in its archives, I intended to regain this heritage and for it to manifest as my own ever-growing understanding of the country's cultural legacy. My approach has led me to immortalize the symbols discovered and translate them into digital networks, in turn giving folklore new functions and forms to communicate and be comprehended.

Just as our digital space allows print designs to create form and movement so it can realize fantastical elements of folklore and mythology: In project Mytopoetic Thought' traditional symbols are seen altering into new forms within three-dimensional spaces. The juxtaposition between folklore and digital reality is organic growth and my natural response to Lithuanian heritage. Altering two worlds: the real and the simulation, my intention is to re-explore the meaning behind this form of communication.

Sandra Macijauskaite is a recent Print design graduate from Central Saint Martins. Coming from Eastern Europe has significantly formed her aesthetics and identity as a designer. As a Lithuanian native, she seeks to understand the world through her own culture, drawing endless parallels and inspiration from the rich legacy of the Eastern realm. She is driven to keep discovering and translating her cultural references into new contexts and narratives - by applying its tradition into a contemporary, digital context.

The project is supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Vilnius Academy of Arts

Exhibition was part of “Culture Night” festival program on June 17th. More 

Curator  M. Marcelionytė-Pailiukė