Roma Mikalauskytė | Happiness index

2023 01 19 – 02 06
VDA gallery „5 malūnai“
Exhibition working hours 16 – 20 h.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to become a reality surgeon yet. And you?
You went looking for the treasure buried under the rainbow,
But it turned out to be an illusion.
Where's the real wealth?
Do you remember when you tried to summon help of giants?
What's all the anger about?
You're paying money for the shock?
Maybe you need to finally take off the rose-tinted glasses?
After all, the street is the best stage.
It's important to help, but not everyone wants to live.
You can't save the whole world.
We need to draw a line between the Benefactor syndrome, because...
What’s good of it, if you care more about your neighbour's garden than your own?
When your flowers are drying out, when water and fertilizer are scarce...
Still, there is no right stance in the situation, the controversy will remain.
After all, it is always more important to invest in a beautiful facade than in a strong structure.
A hand caressing another
That’s how it is
A nice theory, impossible to put into practice.
The law and the constitution - the foundation and light of our society,

Which breaks at every turn and every corner
It’s only important to know how far you can go, where you can turn.
A new law.
So what?
The "investment" is not there.
After all, people don't do it out of happiness...
They don't do it out of happiness...
But then the question arises,-
How do we calculate our index of happiness?
I'm sorry, but I don't want to become a reality surgeon yet.


It's based on a simple law of physics - when a beam of white light is passed through a triangular prism, the intensity of the light is distributed in frequencies and colours. The result is a spectral projection that gives a distorted perception of space, like the Irish legend of Leprechaun burying a pot of gold under the rainbow, but you never get to it, so wealth remains an illusion. In the physical exhibition, physical access is possible, but you don't find the promised riches.

Roma Mikalauskytė (b. 1999) is an interdisciplinary artist, 4th year student of VDA Graphic Art program, who combines science and art in her work and examines social topics. In the installations, details from everyday life prevail, their scale is manipulated, thus turning the fragments into works of art for the space.

Photos by M. Marcelionytė-Paliukė