Pavel Pavel | Evidence of the Thing

2023 02 09 – 25
VAA gallery „5 malūnai“
Opening 9th of February, 6 pm

The Thing doesn't care how old I am.
The Thing is not religious.
The Thing is not an educated citizen.
The Thing does not know what tradition is.
The Thing does not demand love from me.
The Thing does not believe in science.
The Thing does not leave rubbish in my forest.
The Thing has no reproductive function.
The Thing does not belong to the middle class.
The Thing does not go to exhibitions in a special bus.
The Thing does not want to keep a dog at home.
The Thing has no political views.
The Thing does not want to kill other things.

Only the deceased can sometimes measure up to the average object.   


Pavel Pavel. Born in 1976 In Vilnius. Identity not confirmed. A witness to the art process.
The exhibition "Evidence of the Thing " is part of the "SU-MENĖK" program. February 18 and 25 1 p.m. meetings with Pavel Pavel will be held at the gallery.