Noelia Mora Solvez and Diego Roig 
The eagerness of self development

The eagerness of self development is a multimedia event, mixing live performance, drawing and sculpture.
This piece works like a mirror or a multilayered spotlight that aims to illuminate some aspects of the human condition  and its relationship with the environment and to society. It points to the responsibility of our actions and to empowerment, and questions our consumerist ways.

The artists:

Diego Roig works with painting and sculpture. The main approached issue is identity: painting as a medium itself or functional objects related to the artistic praxis.
But also the human condition with deep interest in expanding the gap inhabited by our wretchedness, fears and contradictions
Noelia Mora Solvez works with video and performance. Noelia is a time-based artist, interested in the study of societal structures. Her work springs from this study, specially focusing on patriarchy, gender, the human objectification of nature and empathy or lack of towards other species.   

Due to Corona restrictions, this exhibit will be streamed online to Vilnius Academy of Arts gallery” 5 Malūnai”, from the exhibit room SE!

Live broadcast December 4th 8pm-8.45pm (Lithuanian time)

This exhibit has gotten support from the Danish Art Council, SE! rum and Gallery Malûnai 5. 
Initiator VAA lecturer, artist and curator of the exhibition space „5 malūnai“ M. Marcelionytė-Paliukė

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