Vilnius Academy of Arts exhibition space „5 malūnai“ invites you to the personal exhibition “Zakristija“ contributed by Lukas Juščius.

In this exhibition author presents an immense scale silkscreen series, produced with the help of Die Angewandte University professors Stephanie Klaura and Ute Huber-Leierer.

Exhibition time: 2023 October 23 – November 5

“Remake open art galleries into inaccessible spaces for all of us. This is an invitation for you to pass through the impassable Sacristia, which is concealed from an outsider's eyes. Let's breach the veil of art seriousness and just look to the duplicated classics. 

Repetition in the perimeter of Jesus is waiting for you. Achieved through the silkscreen printing technology. 

Here you will see what you already saw yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I am duplicated at an academic institution that requires me to carry the plan they set. And I carry. Thereby I find a new space for irony and substitute for existing serious artworks. 

Let's waste time together! Because never seen before art pieces remain far beyond the Sacristia Perimeter.”

Text author Lori Pyrstas

Exhibition produced by Art direction : Stephanie Klaura AND Ute Huber-Leierer

Creative Development: Martina Kryževičiūtė

International relations : Veronika Merklein
Design: Lukas Juščius

Lukas Juščius (b. 2001) is currently studying at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. In the creative space, interdisciplinary is analyzed, what it is called, and why we seek analysis through semiotics or independently through technology. Universal symbols in the works do not take forms but different visual cues. The exhibits of the exhibition are part of the mobility carried out at Die Angewandte.