Justė Kuliešaitė solo exhibition "When I close eyes" on February 14th until March 8th at exhibition space 5 malūnai“, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

I can’t travel back in time and change what has happened. I can’t change the past and my story. But when i create, i tell it in my own way. I imagine how I’m traveling with my father through hills, how we watch the ships sail away, walking through the beach sand. We reminisce about a toy soldier with a broken hand, about his lucky cross or the “Lion King”, my father was never meant to become…

That’s why I close my eyes tightly again, go back into my fantasy world, where stories about my father come to life. In this world I get a chance to talk with him again and tell him things that I couldn’t before we were still together.

Conversations I have with my father in my thoughts are translated into lithography prints. I use my father’s old collection of varied objects to make my story more clear. Every single object has a story to tell, and that is very important for me to show. That way little by little my fantasy world of my father intertwines with reality, to which I invite you to see.

About Justė Kuliešaitė

Justė Kuliešaitė is a young artist. She got her bachelor degree of printmaking in Vilnius Fine Art Academy, where she decided to further her knowledge in printmaking with Master degree studies. The artist is mostly interested in colored stone lithography, which helps her get in tune with the topic she chose to research in her exhibition. Lithography printing lets the artist express changes in her memories, the fiction behind it.