"Hippocampus" group exhibition of VDA master's study subject "Book interpretation"

2022 12 14 – 2023 01 09

Moving in theta rhythm a thought bounces between the conscious and subconscious.
Finally arriving at the "hippocampus". Memories burst. Can I remember the ancient past? Maybe somewhere I just know that Greeks called their horses "Hippos"? A sailor from Athens tells wild tales about "Kampos" - the sea monsters. The seahorse in my head acts as an index (much like an index at the end of a book) that binds together elements of an experience, but does not store the experience itself. Hippocampus is a shipping center, taking in information, registering it and temporarily storing it before shipping it off to be filed and stored in long term memory.

Participants: Ana Ferreira (Portugal, University of Aveiro, MA I), Vismantas Atas, Sima Jundulaitė, Elena Augusta Victoria Reckewitz (VAA Graphic Art MA I)

Curator – VAA Graphic Art assoc.prof. Agnė Dautartaitė-Krutulė

The exhibition is open until January 9, 2023.