May 13-26 Helena Bratt and Niklas Dietzel exhibit "Memories of two worlds".

Helena Bratt, multimedia artist based in Rengsjö, Sweden.
Helena’s works often connects to fragments of memories. She loves to explore the fragile moments of being a human and what comes with it. Since she grew up in a remote village, life in countryside often has a important part in her works. She cares a lot about choosing medium for her works and has long education in different art and craft fields. In Vilnius she tried etching for first time. In Sweden she is teaching, giving lectures, make public art works, exhibiting and a lot more.
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Niklas Dietzel, painter and printmaker, based in Leipzig, Germany. The suspicion about certain objects having an independent existence is the motivation of his creative work. This research is initially phenomenological, and results in still life/ portrait-like hybrids. The contextualization is concerned with the connection between these objects, which is assumingly more of a metaphysical matter. In the exhibition, some speculations about this space are offered to the viewer. A space, which reminds of a city, of a language, of a stage, of a dream - it's structure beyond narration or explanation. The main goal is to make this enigmatic and otherworldly aura fellable.
Check out Niklas works at: @dietzelniklas 

Helena Bratt and Niklas Dietzel studied the spring semester at the Vilnius Academy of Arts under the Erasmus+ exchange program.