Exhibition time: November 9 – December 8, 2023
Opening: November 9, 6.00 pm. Gallery “5 malūnai“ (Malūnų str. 5, Vilnius)

Grounded in inventive and resourceful appropriations and explorations of urban spaces and related socio-cultural practices, Connecting the Margins is a week-long collaborative educational programme between Vilnius Academy of Arts, Central Saint Martins and Ukrainos Centras. Situated in 5malunai gallery space, these contextual and situated learning sessions will be framed around the experience of Ukrainian teenagers and young adults in Vilnius – a city that they have refuged to due to the on-going Russian military invasion. Working with practicing artists, curators and educators, participants will use writing, image, sound and other creative mediums to develop their reflective and propositional skills to observe, read and think creatively about their immediate lived environment.

Our curated workshops and activities are site-specific and will focus on the Vilnius Central Railway Station. Stitched together by leftovers, fragments, rituals, routines and improvisations that form people’s day-to-day realities, these sessions offer an opportunity to create fantastical worlds, tell new stories and propose alternative imaginaries for this site, how it functions and who it belongs to.

This exhibition will host and display ideas, conversations and playful materials produced throughout the programme from 9th of November until 8th of December 2023, co-curated by its participants. 

Programme Producers:

Markas Klišius
Silke Lange
Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė 


Rozaliia Zrazhevska
Kateryna Lemtso
Valeriia Kholodova
Anastasiia Romanko
Oleksandra Udodova
Anastasiia Suprunenko
Danylo Kosogov
Ivan Borovyi
Mariia Harmash
Myron Yakovlev
Zoriana-Lana Zhovtenko
Arina Borysova
Rehina Lynnyk
Bohdan Ptychkin

Leaders of the workshops that were part of the programme:

Markas Klišius
Silke Lange
Cecilia Noiraud
Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė
Jelena Škulienė
Aleksas Gailieša


Thank you to Ukrainos Centras and their incredible staff, especially Yevheniia Bessmertna, Deimantė Kuprelienė and Olesya Kholodova who have collaborated with us to make this project possible. Special thank you to the brilliant young people for their endless enthusiasm, joy and creativity.

Thank you for the generous support provided by Vilnius Academy of the Arts and Central Saint Martins (UAL).

Photos: Silke Lange, Jelena Škulienė, Marija Marcelionyte-Paliukė