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  • Kūrybinės dirbtuvės su Thomas Castro

    Nuo vasario 19 d. GDK Vizualiųjų komunikacijų dizaino magistrantams ir Grafinio dizaino bakalauro studijų 4 kurso studentams vyks konceptualaus dizaino kūrybinės dirbtuvės "Design Heuristics" su vienu žinomiausių dizainerių THOMAS CASTRO (Nyderlandai).

    Thomas Castro yra lyderiaujančios Europos aukštosios meno mokyklos „ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design“ grafinio dizaino katedros vedėjas, vienas iš LUST kompanijos įkūrėjų.

    Kūrybinės dirbtuvės su Tarja Nieminen, Samuel Rees, Lode Coen ir Aušra Lisauskiene

    Ateinančią savaitę, vasario 5 – 10 d.  GDK 4 k. studentams vyks pilotinės tarptautinės konceptualaus dizaino dirbtuvės Urban Space Gaming, kurioms vadovaus net 4 skirtingų šalių dėstytojai: TARJA NIEMINEN (Aalto Universitetas, Suomija), SAMUEL REES (Islandijos Dailės Akademija), LODE COEN (Belgija) ir AUŠRA LISAUSKIENĖ (Vilniaus Dailės Akademija).
    Tarptautinė Lietuvos, Suomijos ir Islandijos studentų grupė savaitę laiko nagrinės komunikaciją ir intervenciją viešosiose miesto erdvese, įtraukiant į jas žaidimo elementus. Workshopas skatins studentus suvokti psichinius, fizinius ir socialinius miesto viešųjų erdvių aspektus ir išreikšti juos dizaino priemonėmis.
    Kūrybines dirbtuves finansuoja CIRRUS( Šiaurės ir Baltijos šalių regiono aukštųjų dizaino mokyklų tinklas).

    Kūrybinės dirbtuvės su Esa Ojala

    Lapkričio 20-23 d. GDK studentams vyko Plakato  kūrybinės dirbtuvės su legendiniu Suomijos grafikos dizaineriu Esa Ojala.

    Kūrybinės dirbtuvės su Jean-Baptiste Levee

    Lapkričio 6-10 d. GDK studentams vyko kūrybinės dirbtuvės su grafinio dizaino žvaigžde iš Prancūzijos Jean-Baptiste Levee. Studentai kūrė eksperimentinius šrfitus.


    Kūrybinės dirbtuvės su Julia Ojapelto

    Spalio 3-6 d. GDK studentams vyko kūrybinės dirbtuvės su Julia Ojapelto (Lahti dizaino institutas, Suomija). Kūrybinių dirbtuvių tema "Electronic Publishing Workshop" (Elektroninio leidinio kūrybinės dirbtuvės).

    Creative workshop - summer practice "Immanuel Kant at the beach" with prof. Klaus Hesse

    On May 27th - June 5th at the Art Colony in Nida creative workshop - summer practice "Immanuel Kant at the beach". Participants of the creative workshop – students from the Vilnius Academy of Arts and the University of the Arts of Offenbach Graphic Design Departament‘s. The workshop was led by two professors - Audrius Klimas (Vilnius Academy of Arts) and Klaus Hesse (Offenbach Art University / Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main).
    Thirty young graphic designers from Lithuania and Germany, working in mixed groups, created experimental typographic posters, based on Immanuel Kant's philosophy, inspired by the philosopher‘s way of life and his philosophical mindset (I. Kant lived only 80 km. away from Nida).

    Workshop with prof. Andrzej Kalina

    On 5th-9th of June GDD students had creative workshop with prof. Andrzej Kalina (Polish - Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw, Poland). During the workshop students learned to connect different technologies using plaster, linoleum, graphic cutters, paper and ink.

    Poster design workshop with Lahav Halevy

    Starting on April  24th till April 28th, Graphic Design Department 3rd year students had poster design creative workshop. Creative workshop was led by Lahav Halevy - the owner of one of the leading Graphic Design and Branding firms in Israel Blue Collar Group, and a political activist, who uses both his abilities as a designer and a citizen, to fight for what he believes in.



    Workshop with mocap.lt

    During the April we are having an interesting 3D animation creative workshop using MAYA program. For this opportunity the we are thankful to the mocap.lt company.

    Workshop with Tarja Nieminen

    During 2017 February 27 – March 3rd GDD 4th year students had a creative conceptual design workshop "Ritual" with one of the best-known contemporary Finnish graphic designers TARJA NIEMINEN. Tarja Nieminen teaches in the Media Department at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of the Aalto University.


    Workshop with Stasys Eidrigevičius

    During 2017 February 17-22 Graphic Design Department undergraduate 2-year students will have a workshop by Maestro Stasys Eidrigevičius - one of the most famous all time Lithuanian painters, graphic artists, writers and illustrators. Stasys Eidrigevičius will share creative experiences with students, who will create posters according to Mr. Almodovar movie "High Heels" as well as Julius Dautartas and Skirmantas Pabedinskas documentary "Sidewalk".


    Workshop with Frederik De Bleser

    During December 12-16, 2016 Graphic design department will host an international workshop "NODEBOX". The workshop will be held in collaboration with one of the NODEBOX creators, doctor, researcher - FREDERIK DE BLESER. NodeBox is developed by the Experimental Media Research Group, a cross-domain research group associated with the Sint Lucas School of arts of the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool (Antwerp, Belgium). 
    During the workshop students will learn to create parametric variable fonts, presented for the first time at ATypI conference in 2016.


    Workshop with Filip Blažek

    During 2016 March 4- 8th, Graphic Design Department 3rd year students had lettering creative workshop. Creative workshops was led by Filip Blažek - a graphic designer, font creator and design theorist, in charge of publishing an international fonts and design magazine TYPO. Currently, Filip Blažek teaches at the Prague Academy of Arts.
    During creative workshop, students learned to observe, analyze, interpret and recreate used fonts in public spaces of the city. The results of the workshop - 14 brand new fonts, created by students as well as their concepts and a deeper knowledge of typography.

    International workshop "PARIS / VILNIUS"

    During March 21-25, 2016 united group of Graphic design department students and students from France will have international workshop with the French graphic design stars Patrick Pleutin, Emmanuelle Tieu and Éric Boisseau (Ecole-Estienne, Paris, France)


    Workshop with prof.Silvia Sfligiotti

    Starting from 2015 5th till 7th of October Graphic Design Department students  have the seminar with prof.Silvia Sfligiotti on contemporary graphic design.
    The seminar will offer a space to discuss together some of the most relevant themes of the contemporary graphic design scene, with a mix of theoretical lessons and open discussions with the group. The themes will include visual identities and brands, information design and inforaesthetics, and activism and criticism in graphic design.The final goal of the seminar is to produce one or more “graphic design manifestos”, statements that you will elaborate after the discussions on the role of this profession in contemporary society.



    International workshop at the Nida Art Colony

    Nida Art Colony hosted an international workshop during 2015 September 14-22. Vilnius Academy of Arts Graphic design departmet and the Lahti Design Institute Graphic design department students driven by visual communication tools promoted Neringa and Nida residents as well as guests to start public discourse about the bridge / tunnel to the Kuršių Nerija relevance for cultural, economic, heritage preservation and other aspects.
    Students while working in groups recorded research process and the results in a special blog.Creative workshop was led by prof. Julia Ojapelto (Lahti Design Institute) and prof. Aušra Lisauskienė (Vilnius Academy of Arts).


    Workshops with prof. Vesna Dragojlov

    During 2015 May 18-29 Graphic Design Department undergraduate 2-year students will have a workshops on "Algorithmic / Generative art: art generating machines" which will be led by prof. Vesna Dragojlov from University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona, USA. 
    More about Prof. Vesna Dragojlov


    Workshop with French font design star Jean-Baptiste Levee

    Graphic Design Department in collaboration with the French Institute of Lithuania is organizing a workshop with French font design star Jean-Baptiste Levee. Jean-Baptiste Levee is an international typographer, ATYPI association board member, delegate of the country. Designer taught in several schools of higher design: Amiens School of Arts & Design, Caen-Cherbourg School of Arts & Media and the University of Corte.
    During the workshop with Jean-Baptiste Levee, students will create visual communication objects for French Institute of Lithuania. Introductory lecture on the workshop will be held on April 13, starting from 15:00 hours, 315 aud. Maironio str. 3, “Titanic”.
    Presentation of the workshop results will be held in the French Institute of Lithuania on 2015  April 17, at 11:00 hours.