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  • Tarptautinėje studentų plakatų bienalėje Liubline, Lenkijoje, Ieva Marija Reikalaitė laimėjo specialųjį prizą (~ 3 vietą):


    "Prize founded by the Rector of the University of Arts in Poznań - 2 500 PLN Ieva Marija Reikalaite (PT), Tokyo Music Center".
    Konkurse dalyvavo daugiau kaip 1500 studentų iš 32 šalių. Bienalės parodai ir vertinimui buvo atrinkta 350 plakatų.
    Apie bienalę anglų kalba:
    The International Student Poster Biennale in Lublin has a great chance to fill this gap and succeed in developing the initiative in the future. Personally, I am impressed with the number of submitted works as well as their great diversity. The international range of the biennale is undoubtedly a real asset. Not only has the competition provided an opportunity to follow the works by Polish students, but it has also given an insight into the activity of young artists from all over the world.
    ISPB is primarily a debutants’ competition. The jurors of the biennale are aware of this fact, having been the laureates of similar contests in the past. The number of submissions, over 1500, mirrors the artists’ great interest in this young field of art. The authors do not care about the marginalization of poster art’s value or some critics’ illegitimate attempts to neglect it. In the same way as poster art struggles to find its place in public space, young artists compete in their first contests. The vast number of participants, who believe in the power of poster art as a medium, reflects the value of ISPB. It also supports the idea of the biennale as a cyclical competition.