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  • Atvira paskaita „I walk the line: with-drawing into contemporaneity“

    Theoretical Seminar & Critical Meeting
    Vizualiųjų menų ir dizaino magistrantams ir meno doktorantams

    Lapkričio 17-18 d., 13 val. Malūnų g. 3 (VDA C1), 102 aud.

    Renginys atviras. Anglų kalba. Moderatorius prof. Henrik B. Andersen.

    Su prof. Ian Damerell, Norvegijoje ir Lietuvoje gyvenančiu ir kuriančiu menininku. 

    Ian Damerell is a Welsh artist and art professor who has had over 30 one-person exhibitions and been included in various important exhibitions both in Norway and abroad.  He was head of Vilnius Academy of Art’s Masters Jury for all courses in 2008 and has since headed the Masters Jury for Sculpture and Photo Media (until 2013). His art theory book „Unfolding the Cards“, was published in 2013 in Lithuania. Plačiau apie profesorių 

    Ian Damerell paskaita „I walk the line: with-drawing into contemporaneity“

    This lecture is based on the following question: „How does drawing contribute to a contemporary cultural scene dominated by the aesthetics of commercial mass media rather than by museum aesthetics?“ I attempt to answer this from a personal standpoint, using keywords such as Nomadic Forum and Palance from my book „Unfolding the Cards“ (Vilnius, 2013). Plačiau apie paskaitą

    Paskaitos moderatorius prof. Henrik B. Andersen.

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