Associate professor Vaidotas Dapkevicius

Presentations in conferences of art and science 

2014 [Vaidotas Dapkevicius - author] “Fight for public urban spaces”. International conference “Art's Impact on the Image of a City” [Organizer: CCA Laznia Gdansk, Poland].

2014 [Vaidotas Dapkevicius - author] “Synthesis of Art and Science activities. Model of Institute of Urbanistics, Architecture and Design in Vilnius Academy of Arts”. International conference “Design schools in the region and their impact for region development" [Organizer: VAA Klaipeda department, place: Klaipeda]. 

2012 [Vaidotas Dapkevicius, Mantas Dauksys - authors] “Integrating landscape as a phenomenon in to politics of spatial planning in Klaipeda. Main aspects”. International conference “Problems in implementation of Regulations of European Landscape convention in the process of shaping western Lithuanian landscapes” [Organizer: Klaipeda university, place: Klaipeda].