1.  How did you decide to participate at this competition?

I wanted to try myself as well as gain more experience in creating the posters .

2.  How the theme of the contest is related to you?

The theme is relevant to me because I am interested in healthy diet. I believe that a physical activity and balanced eating is the key to successful life, so I hope my poster will encourage people to be more aware of their eating habits.

3.  Where did the ideas come from while creating the poster?

I created the poster on the basis of the adage "we are what we eat." I wanted unhealthy food appear repugnant to the people.

4.  What inspired you to create a poster?

Emotions caused by observing an environment, communication with people and art.

5.  On which topic or for which organization you'd like to design a poster and why?

As I have already tried to create a poster on a social theme, I would like to try myself  in the cultural sphere. I am very interested in music, that’s why I would love to create a poster for the music festival.

Your advice for those who are is still thinking about the graphic design studies.

My advice – start to take interest in graphic design as early as you can, get acquainted with students and professors.