On September 25th – October 1st, 2017, 1st year students of graphic design ( Klaipeda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts) had a practice course at the Nida Art Colony. Practice topic was “Seaside the Page” and was held by Elena Launikonytė. 

Elena is a former students of Vilnius Academy of Arts and has received a national art diploma at Ecole Estienne High Art and Design school in Paris. Elena specializes in creation of pop-up books. This year Elena does internship in famous French publishing houses Les éditions des Grandes Personnes, Hélium, Gallimard jeunesse.
Aim of the practice was to introduce pop-up books art to the students of Klaipeda faculty, to help them understand the technique and to create a unique pop-up book based on some literature text on the topic of the sea, suitable for children or for grown-ups. 

Students working with Elena had a unique possibility to know the history of pop-up books, techniques and methods of creation. Elena brought a huge suitcase from Paris full of unique books. Elena’s sincerity and tolerance inspired students to openly express their ideas, to experiment and create without fears. Students did a great work – they generated ideas, prepares sketches, later vectorized their final decisions and cut the books using a laser. It was a great experience for the future graphic designers.