Fashion and Knitwear Design | Undergraduate | Telsiai

Qualification or research degree    Name, surname

Subject courses delivered for the study programme

Head of programme, lect. Žydrūnė Kriūkaitė Juciuvienė

Fashion history and theory 1,3. Lithuanian national costume 4. Speciality practical training: creative 5. History of fashion in XX-XXI c. 5,7. Creative eco-project 6. Speciality practical training: entrepreneurship 7. Accessories design 2. Graphic expression 7. Fashion industry and marketing 7. Creative portfolio 8

prof. Zita Inčirauskienė

Basics of composition and unique technologies 1. Basics of design 2. Speciality practical training: heritage 3. Experimental laboratories 5. Calligraphy Project 5. Final BA project 8

prof. Virginija Degenienė

Knitwear design 3, 4. Technology and design of knitwear 3, 4. Apparel design 6,7. Final BA Project 8

lect. Elena Žvirzdinienė

Basics of modelling and pattern cutting 1,2. Technology and design of sewings 5,6. Moulage modelling 7

Visiting lecturers

lect. fashion designer Jolanta Rimkutė

Apparel design 3

lect. image designer, stylist Olesė Kekienė

Image psychology. Compositions of make-up and grease paint make-up and basics of performance technique