Costume Design | Undergraduate | Vilnius

The title of the study programme. During interactions with foreign colleagues in 2008, during students’trips to professional practice abroad, the original, Lithuanian title of the course often strikes as somewhat confusing. A literal translation of the title Kostiumo dizainas is Costume Design, yet indeed, translating it as Fashion Design (literal back translation – Mados dizainas) seems appropriate. The concept of kostiumas [costume] in Lithuanian culture and its usage has a wide semantic field and embracesnot only dress (of a historical period) but the entirety of garments, accessories, behaviour, assumed roles, finally, an image, where matching of all these segments pursues a certain goal. The concept of fashion (madain Lith. )is perceived as a totality embracing life-style, the surrounding environment, kitchen and consumption trends. The Lithuanian Mados dizainas risks ringing a confusing note for potential degree candidates: they may wonder what skills this course provides and be lost between other degrees in design delivered in Lithuania. The survey of BA degree students regarding the title 48 proc. were in favour of changing it. The meaning of the study programme title and the content of curriculumis best revealed in the descriptions of study subjects. With the further changes in society and studies in Design field of VAA, the change of title is likely to become timely. At this stage BA study programme keeps it Lithuanian title as Kostiumo dizainas, translated into English by adequate in meaning term Fashion Design.

Areas of professional activity open to degree graduates are connected with the learning outcomes. The degree is focused on a fashion designer who is professionally employed in fashion industry, has created own style of distinctness and is capable, individually or as a team member, carry on practical activity, make judgments of market situation, to employ technological knowledge, use principles of coherent development and to mature professionally.