Costume Design | Undergraduate | Vilnius

BA degree Graduation Project serves to consolidation and demonstration of student’s achievements over four years and is expected to prove graduating student’s readiness to start a career in the field of garment design. The conception for Graduation Project is not infrequently prompted by the creative projects and experiments from previous years. Upon approving the Project, the Commission of the Department has to judge whether it is sufficient for demonstration of the competencies developed throughout the degree. When there is a need, the Project may be recommended to alter, students get advised regarding the concept of the Project, the schedule of work and methods of realization. Students working on graduation projects are supervised and tutored by selected or appointed leaders. In order to meet the needs of students, established fashion designers, stakeholders and artists are also approached to act as consultants.

The Commission for Graduation Projects is composed on the order of the Faculty Dean and approved by Rector. Graduation projects are assessed in the context of degree work produced by students on other study programmes (section Study process and student achievement assessment). Graduation Projects are defended in public spaces, promoted and highlighted by Lithuanian and foreign media (Ieva, Cosmopolitan, L’ Officiel, WAD magazine, Vice stile and other) as important cultural events. The idea was taken from foreign reviewers recommendations, and since 2006, Graduation Projects of BA degree students and the best course work are presented by the fashion show Skrydis.

2014 BA graduation work/projects

Student name, surname / Title of Final Work/Project//Academic title (Research degree) of supervisor/ name, surname

Baranauskas Tomas. Creative experimental collection JI? [Her?]. Prof.dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

Draskinienė Raimonda. Prêt-à-porter collection LT fragmentas [LT fragment]. Prof.Jolanta Talaikytė

Elmentaitė Lina. Prêt-à-porter women’s   garment collection Aplinkos atspindys [Ambient reflection ]. Doc.Renata Maldutienė

Fromičiūtė Viktorija. Creative women’s  garment collection Porcelianas [Bone china]. Prof. Danguolė Brogienė

Gudynas Antanas. Experimental collection Judesys [Shape]. Prof. Jolanta Talaikytė

Rūta Kepalaitė. Creative collection Trečias elementas [Third element]. Prof. Jolanta Talaikytė

Liucija Kvašytė. Creative men’s garment collection Kelionė.’83-13 [Trip’83-13]. Prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

Ugnė Martinaitytė. Avant-garde men’s and women’s  garment collection COSMOJEZUS. Maldutienė

Milkevičius Sigitas. Demi-season men’s and women’s  collection QR-LT. Prof. Jolanta Talaikytė

Listunova Olga  and Reznychenko Polina. Creative experimental collection Its feels like war. Renata Maldutienė

Skamaročiūtė Monika. Conceptual creative collection Vidus išorėje [Inner outer]. Renata Maldutienė

Rus Melita. Prêt-à-porter collection Žinutės anonimui [Messages to anonymous]. Prof. Jolanta Talaikytė

Stankutė Malvina. Experimental creative collection BOTANICULA. Prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė.

Stoškaitė Irma. Creative collection Marškiniai kitaip [Shirt differently]. Prof. Danguolė Brogienė.

Šeškutė Vilda. prêt-à-porter women’s collection Greitis ir tvirtumas [Speed and strength]. Prof. Danguolė Brogienė.

Tervydytė Rima. Creative collection Spalvų iliuzija [Colours illusion]. Prof. Danguolė Brogienė

Valeškaitė Marija. Creative collection Kitimai [FREE DOOM]. Prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

Janina Zibireva. Experimental creative collection /socialproject DE-CODE. Prof.dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

Subatavičiūtė Greta. prêt-à-porter women’s collection Įvairialypis tapatumas [Multidimensional identity]. Prof. Dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

Insodaitė Paulė. Creative collection WAFUKU. Prof. Jolanta Talaikytė