Title of the study programme


State code 612K10002 (former  61205M103)
Sphere of studies Arts
Group of course of studies Art studies
Course of studies Architecture K100
Level and/or type of studies University undergraduate
Cycle of studies First cycle
Form of studies (duration in years) Full-time (4 years)
Volume of the programme in credits 240 ECTS
The degree and (or) professional qualification granted Bachelor of architecture, architect’s qualification degree
Minimum education level Secondary
Study language Lithuanian

VAA Kaunas Faculty (subsequently VAA KF) is an indivisible structural part of Vilnius Academy of Arts and, therefore, equally uses the facilities and learning resources of the Academy. VAA KF teachers can deliver classes in all the divisions of the Academy (if needed).

Continuing the traditions of the pre-war art school in Kaunas, VAA KF is the major education centre of fine arts in central Lithuania attracting students from all regions of the country. However, VAA KF is not only a regional higher education school. The increasing number of students and teachers coming to VAA KF according to the Erasmus exchange programmes demonstrates that the offered study programmes are attractive internationally. VAA KF co-operates with foreign higher education schools: Kazimierz Pułaski Technical University of Radom (Poland), Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (Poland), Moscow State Technical University, Kaliningrad division (Russia), Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts (Poland), Fine Art College of Jimei University Xiamen (China), etc.

On the basis of the co-operation and academic exchange, common study programmes are prepared and implemented together with other higher education Lithuanian schools – Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, and Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty of Humanities.

Kaunas Faculty now organises two cycles of university study programmes of fine arts – bachelor’s and master’s. VAA KF consists of: the Board of the Faculty, the dean’s office, administrative departments (Studies department, Public relations department, Staff department and Maintenance affairs department), departments (Architecture, Design, Graphics, Textile, Glass and Ceramic, Visual Arts, Humanities), drawing studio, sculpture studio, interdisciplinary art studio, library, laboratories, and the Open School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Kaunas department)[1].

External evaluation of all the study programmes at VAA has been conducted since 2008. During this period, VAA KF study programmes have been assessed more than once, and the study programmes of Applied Textile, Applied Graphics and Graphic Design (1st cycle) were unconditionally accredited for the longest possible period. Other study programmes (including bachelor study programme of Architecture) were accredited conditionally (for the period of three years) and are being repeatedly assessed according to the schedule approved by Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (the order of director No. 1-94, 30 October 2009, Due to the approval of the particulars of the study programme evaluation process and methodical guidelines).

VAA KF teachers and other members of the community have positively responded to the external evaluation process of the study programmes and have understood its importance in the improvement of the quality of studies. In the meetings of VAA KF departments, dean’s office and Board, taking into consideration the evaluation remarks and recommendations, the study process has been analysed and the committees[2] for the study programmes were composed. The personnel of the departments have understood and expressed the need to renew and/or re-organise the study programmes; they have also expressed the concern about the future needs of students and their adaptation to the forming market requirements as well as art and cultural tendencies.