Architecture and Urban Design 

Architecture and Urban Design studie's programme is designed for a specialized preparation of architects as no such specialists are being prepared in Lithuania yet. The programme is designated for the main field studies (Architecture), and is oriented towards preparation of a qualified architect and creative artist at the same time. After a successful completion of the studies, graduates acquire the qualifications set forth in the Law on the Recognition of Regulated Professional Qualifications and Master's degree in Arts (Architecture) which allows running the architect's or equal activity.

The objective of the study programme "Architecture and Urban Design":

1) to award the university education of Master in Architecture of art's area

2) to prepare qualified architects who would be able to apply professional knowledge in practice, and to independently develop the knowledge obtain. Such specialist must be able to perform methodologically based architectural - urban research in a constantly changing natural and anthropogenic environment, and to apply conclusions of research properly in his/ her professional activity.

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