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Ilja Bereznickas

was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. He received his bachelors in architecture in 1970 (Kaunas, Lithuania) and went on to earn a second degree in Moscow, Russia,  for animation and film directing in 1985. His career as an international animator took off from 1985. His films have won much critical acclaim and recognition at numerous international animation festivals. He is also an celebrated international illustrator. His work can be seen in over 2,000 publications throughout the U.S. and Europe, and has received prestigious awards for cartoons from Italy (1987, 1990), Yugoslavia (1983), Turkey (1978), Bulgaria (1979) and many more. He is also worked in the School of Visual Art in New York – lecturer of  animation. From 2002 he is teaching animation in Vilnius Academy of fine Arts. His films include “Hobgoblin” (winner of the Tabuleiro Prize, Portugal 1988). “Bermuda Ring” (winner of Best Synthetic Image Prize, Spain 1990, and Special Prize, Ukraine 1989), “Children Beware” (winner of Alfa Video 90 Prize, Czechosolvakia 1990) 

Laura Gudaitė

1977 in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Laura Stasiulytė is an artist, whose work is primarily focused on the sociopolitical meanings of language, time and location. Issues of memory, collisions of the past and the present are apparent in most of the artist’s works.The artist combines diverse media in her works: video, slide projections, photography, sound recordings, texts and drawings.

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Prof. Alvydas Lukys

was born in 1958 in Šiauliai. In 1984 m. graduated from Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute (now Vilnius Gediminas University of Technologies). From 1984 he is a member of Lithuanian Photoartists’ Union. From 1990 worked in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphics Department, Photo Studio, later he became the Head of Image Studio. He is one the founders of Image Studio and later Photography and Video Arts Department (now of Photography and Media Arts Department). Currently Lukys leads the Department and is a Full Professor. Alvydas Lukys participates in photography exhibitions from 1978. He participated in a number of group exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad. Alvydas Lukys’ works were acquired by Lithuanian Museum of Arts, Lithuanian Photoartists’ Union, Odense Museum of Photography Arts, Denmark, Corcoran Centre of Photography, Washington and a number of private hobbyists.

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Vytautas Michelkevičius

Since 2010 Vytautas Michelkevičius is artistic director of Nida Art Colony. He is responsible for artistic programmes and colony’s stance in contemporary art world, including communication and networking with art professionals and audiences. Until 2014 he was curating Nida artist-in-residence programme and now he is occasionally doing studio visits and selecting artists together with the colleagues. Moreover he is editing Nida Art Colony Log and writing project applications as well as doing strategic planning and programming together with Rasa.
Vytautas is a curator, publisher, art and media researcher, and associate professor in Vilnius Academy of Arts and Vilnius University. He holds a PhD in Communication studies (Thesis on Critical media theory and photography) from Vilnius University. He is interested in photographicallity of art and society, socializing through art, interdisciplinarity between art and research, artistic research, experimental teaching, and participatory curatorial practices. Vytautas has authored or edited more than 10 catalogues and books on media theory, art and photography since 2002. He is curating mostly group shows and in 2015 he is a curator of Lithuanian Pavilion in Venice Biennale with artist Dainius Liškevičius project „Museum“.

Prof. Audrius Mickevičius

was born in 1965 in Lithuania. He studied architecture at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and visual communication in Copenhagen (Denmark). He is a multidisciplinary artist (interior design, cinema, videoart, photography, sound, graphics etc.), associate professor at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Photography and Media Department for the visual communication and videocomposition. He lives and works in Vilnius and Pageluze. He created 16 short films. Man-Horse is his first feature length documentary.



Rimas Morkūnas

Lithuanian Academy of Music Film and Theater Faculty,  Film School  Documentary Film Basics 1989-1990 

Borholm (Denmark), producer courses 1995


Jurgita Remeikytė & Irma Stanaitytė

Jurgita Remeikytė (b. 1973 in Kelmė) and Irma Stanaitytė (b. 1972 in Klaipėda) are lecturers at the department of Photography and Media Arts at Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. They specialize in the field of audio-visual and interdisciplinary arts. Since 1997 they have participated in numerous exhibitions, audio-visual art and film festivals, artist residencies and creative workshops in Lithuania and abroad. Working between photography and video, performance, installation, Jurgita explores two and three dimensional arts, often ‘site-specific’, using a context of gallery space to create a physical, mental or metaphorical room. Space, time, memory and image correlate and become central themes in her art. Irma's professional areas of interest are creative self-expression, interaction between an artist and an authority, personal identity in different socio-cultural circumstances, relationship between idealism (ideology) and reality (history).