Virginija Idzelytė

1949 - born 17 July in Kretinga.
1956-1960 - started schooling in Klaipėda.
1957 - continued schooling in Secondary School No 15 in Vilnius, later, in S.Nėris School, graduating from it in 1967. Concurrently   graduated from Children‘s Art School. Water colour classes  by Vytautyas Pečiukonis were her favourite.
1968 - employed as a technician with the Urban Construction Design Institute.
1968 - entered the Lithuanian State Art Institute in Vilnius, specializing in interiore design. Composition class was taught by Vytautas Brėdikis.
1970 - transfered to Department of Painting. Scenography (major) was taught by Vytautas Palaima, painting by Aldona Griciūnaitė, Vladas Karatajus, Vytautas Palaima and Augustinas Savickas, drawing by Kazimieras Morkūnas.
1974 - her first attempt at stage design: Andrejus Kuternickis The First Freedom Day, a performance with the graduating class of stage directors (course leader Henrikas Vancevičius).
1975 - graduated from State Art Institute, started working as art director with the State Radio and Television Committee.
1976 - invited to the Academic Drama Theatre in Vilnius to work on the Circus by Juozas Grušas.
1978 - started working as art director of the Academic Drama Theatre in Vilnius.
1979-1991 - senior art director of the Academic Drama Theatre in Vilnius.
1980 - became a member of the Lithuanian Artists‘ Union and the Lithuanian Theatre Union.
1980 - art director for the feature film Our Little Sins produced at the Lithuanian Film Studio. Director Henrikas Šablevičius.
Sinse 1991 - teaches composition in scenography and stage costume and the history of costume with Vilnius Academy of Arts, holding positions of associated professor sinse 1996, acting professor sinse 2003 and professor sinse 2008. Alongside she collaborates with theatre.
2009 - her textbook The History of Costume was publisced.

Stage sets for last five years
2010 - Stage and costumes for Jus. Marcinkevičius Cathedral (Pažaislis festival at Kaunas Castle)
2011 - Stage and costumes for Jus. Marcinkevičius Mažvydas (Pažaislis festival at Kaunas Castle)
2012 - Stage and costumes for Maironis Great Vytautas  - the King (Pažaislis festival at Kaunas Castle)
2013 - Stage and costumes for V. Krėvė Skirgaila (Pažaislis festival at Kaunas Castle)  
2014 - Stage and costumes for R.Baltrušaitis Donelaitis (Pažaislis festival at Kaunas Castle)