Giedrė Brazytė

Born in 1974, in Vilnius.
In 2001 she graduated Vilnius Academy of Art and acquired a scenographer specialty and a master's degree.
She is a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association.
Since 1994 Giedrė Brazytė with „Keistuoliai" theater students group.
In 2000-2005 worked at the National Drama Theatre like artist.
Giedrė Brazytė created more than 40 performances in Lithuanian theaters and abroad (Latvia, Poland). In 1995, 1999, 2007 participated in the International Exhibition of scenography at the Prague Quadrennial (PQ). She also has arranged solo exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Giedrė Brazytė has organised and curated scenography professional artists’ and students’ exhibitions, workshops. She participated as lecturer in the workshop for youth „Theater form”, organized by the “Menų spaustuvė”.
In 2008 nominated  „ Zlota Maska” (Poland) for the scenography and costumes (performance T. Dorst „Amelia, beaver and King on the Roof ", at Puppet Theater, Opole).
In 2006 took second place in the "First international theater poster exhibition 2006”.
In 2010 Children's and youth theater association ASSITEJ in Poland gave the recognition for "Sinbad the Sailor's Journey" by Bolesław Maggid as a high artistic quality and high artistic level of performance (Teatr Banialuka, Bielsko-Biala, Poland);
On 2011 creative team received „Fortune diplom” for opening up of artistically suggestive fantasy world of Lewis Carroll tale "Alice in Wonderland ", at  Kaunas State Drama Theatre.
On 2014 creative team nominated Gold Cross for the performance by L. Jakimavičius " Zigmas Grasshopper at Battle of Grunwald " (Kaunas State Puppets Theatre).
Since 2008 her created performances participates at various festivals in Poland: on 2015 “Chlopiec i szczescie”  by B. Singer  (Lomża puppet theater) participated in the festival „Warszawskie spotkania”.
Since 2010 she works at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Monumental painting and scenography department.
Courses taught: The scenography composition and stage costume, Western historical costume construction, Oriental costume history and construction, Theatrical technology and construction, Puppet and Object Theater and technology.
Giedrė Brazytė continues her activity as stage designer, creative workshops, scenography exhibitions initiator and curator.