During 2016-2017 fall semester 2 year master student Kotryna Naraškevičiūtė under the Erasmus exchange program studied at the Aalto university in Helsinki, Finland.  Kotryna says that studying abroad was an interesting and valuable experience.
"Exchange studies at AALTO University in Helsinki I could name as one of my best professional and academical experience while Finland - as one of the friendliest country for foreign students where it is safe and interesting to study because Education is one of the priority areas in the country.
Starting from the first day in AALTO I received all the benefits and I felt equal to other students in this institution - I was able to use different laboratories, participate in design seminars and conferences, arrange my own exhibitions, show my works to the society, work with real clients and receive feedback from them. Through the amazing four months of my studies I have finalized 10 different courses - I have exchanged my knowledge with talented students from all over the world, taken best experiences from highest level professors, participated in different workshops and met the future design. The school staff was fascinating me by its friendliness and help. AALTO was often arranging different events for students which increased their communication and collaboration. Exchange studies had helped me to reach higher position in Graphic design professional level as well.
I can definitely recommend this university for those who want to find out more about real strong Scandinavian design and to look at the design future from close up."