During 2016-2017 fall semester 2 year master student Giorgio Ruggeri under the Erasmus exchange program studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf, Germany). Gorgio says that studying abroad was an interesting and valuable experience. 
“My experience at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf (Germany) is really positive. The education system – at least at the Design Department – happily breaks many stereotypes about Germans: the students are not competitive at all, and the professors are often late. But what impressed me the most is how they use philosophical thinking as a method for approaching whatever theme or field, even the most practical ones. Here I am following three courses: Research About/Through Design, Hypermedia and Editorial Design. In all of them I am developing projects through which I am experimenting different curatorial practices as tools for cultural and artistic inquiry, using both digital and print media. 
The city of Düsseldorf is full of people from all corners of the globe, it offers incredible contemporary art museums and galleries, and above all it has a really comfortable position in the heart of Western Europe. Is this enough to forget Vilnius? Of course not. I already miss a lot the cozy Lithuanian capital and its magical atmosphere. I think that the main difference between these opposite cities is that Düsseldorf represents a stability which is hard to find in many other places in Europe, while the charm of Vilnius is properly its identity in the making and the space it leaves for imagination.“