Design Management Master - arts (design) and social sciences (management) interdisciplinary studies programme, which expands university competencies of design and other applied arts specialization (textiles, ceramics, costume design) graduates bachelor in management and entrepreneurship directions.

Design Management Master’s programme purpose – to prepare highly qualified managerial profile designers by ensuring the theoretical knowledge and practical skills unity, implementing scientific research work and empirical research, implementing scientific concepts and theories in practical way.

Successful graduates of the study programme will get Master's degree in Management.

Graduates of the programme will be able to work in marketing and design service companies, advertising agencies, development of new product groups, large and small Lithuanian industrial enterprises and companies, design service companies, educational institutions, will be able to develop research in the field of design, to continue their studies in the third level studies.

The programme is implemented by UNESCO Cultural Management and Cultural Policy department, operating in the UNESCO UNITWIN programme.