Prof.  Jurgis Rimvydas Palys

Date of birth



1965 – Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, architect

Professional qualification, academic degree  (year and university)

Associate professor (VAA KAF, 2005)

Employer and position (period)

1992 onwards – VAA KAF, teacher

2006 onwards – VAA KAF, Department of Architecture, associate professor

Other employers and positions


Academic field


Academic direction

Art history and theory

Areas of academic interest


Delivered subjects or courses (Study type and programme)

Architectural design

Bachelor’s degree project in architecture

Master’s degree project in architecture

Membership in organisations

Member of Lithuanian Architects Association;

2002 onwards – member of the board of Kaunas Architecture and Urban Design experts;

Member of the board of Kaunas cultural heritage experts;

Other professional activity

Architectural projects

1995 onwards – expert on cultural heritage;

Personal skills and competences

Foreign languages: Russian, Polish, English.


List of the most important academic, methodological and creative works produced over the last five years




2002 – Anniversary exhibition of creative works.

2007 – Vytautas Magnus bridge (former Aleksotas bridge) with gangplanks, Kaunas.

2002-2008 – M. K. Čiurlionis bridge with gangplanks and trestle, Kaunas.

Pedestrian tunnel with the quay by M. K. Čiurlionis bridge, Kaunas.

2009-2010 – Footbridge in Kėdainiai old town, Kėdainiai.

2009-2010 – Water cascade with the view platform by the stream Smilga near the river Nevėžis, Kėdainiai.

2008 – Bridge and view platform by the entrance to Prienai.

2009 – Harbour for small vessels, Kintai.

2010 – Reconstruction of Klaipėda yacht harbour (in Smiltynė).

2008-2009 – Block of flats in Žemieji Šančiai, Kaunas.

2008 – Individual dwelling-house, Kaunas.

2011 – Clinic in Gaižiūnų str., Kaunas.

2007 – Reconstruction of Kaunas railway depot.

2007 – Administrative building of UAB ‘Doleta’, Kaunas.

Annex to the hotel ‘Santaka’ in Kaunas old town.




Competition for the urban concept of the island on the river Nemunas in Kaunas. 1st award.

2009 – Award (medal) of Kaunas city municipality for the realisation of M. K. Čiurlionis bridge.

2008 – Appreciation of Kaunas city municipality for solid contribution into the strategic plans of Kaunas city.

2008 – Appreciation and award of Kaunas city municipality for the reconstruction of Vytautas Magnus bridge.

2009 – Kaunas city municipality prize for culture and art.

2012 – Gold medal for architecture of Lithuanian Architects Association.

2012 – Award for the best hydrotechnical construction in Lithuania, Yacht club in Smiltynė, Klaipėda.




Public dissemination of architectural, urban, and cultural heritage issues: broadcasts on LTV, LRT; periodical publications Archiforma, Kauno diena, Nemunas; websites; kamanė.lt; public lectures.

Outgoing visits with a cycle of lectures on ethnoculture, architecture, nature protection, etc. intended for the representatives of rural tourism business.

Regular participation in conferences on architectural and urban issues.