Assoc. prof. Dr. Vaidas Petrulis

Date of birth

07 May 1976


Bachelor’s degree in art history and theory (Vytautas Magnus University, 1999)
Master’s degree in theory and history of architecture (Vytautas Magnus University, 2001)
Master’s degree in history of culture (Cultural History/Baltic Sea Region studies, Master of Arts. University of Turku, Turku, Finland, 2003)

Professional qualification, academic degree  (year and university)

PhD in Humanities, History and theory of arts (Vytautas Magnus University, 2005)

Employer and position (period)

Research Centre for History of Architecture and Heritage, Institute of Architecture and Construction, KTU. Head of the research centre (from 06 January 2009) and senior research fellow (from 02 June 2008).
Department of Architecture and Land Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, KTU, associate professor (from 01 September 2011).

Other employers and positions

 Department of Architecture, VAA KAF, PhD, lecturer.

Academic field

Humanities (H000)

Academic direction

Art history and theory (03H)

Areas of academic interest

History and theory of modern architecture;
Theory of heritage protection and modern processes in heritage protection;
Architecture in interwar Lithuania (1918-1940);
Architecture in Soviet Lithuania.

Delivered subjects or courses (Study type and programme)

Modern architecture (BA, Faculty of Arts, Vytautas Magnus University,  from 2008);
Critical analysis of architecture (MA, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, KTU; Department of Architecture, VAA KAF, from 2010);
History of Architecture (Department of Architecture, VAA KAF)
Architectural styles and directions (BA, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, KTU, from 2011).

Other professional activity

Research project financed by Lithuanian Board of Sciences:

National programme of Lithuanian Board of Sciences ‘Valstybė ir tauta: paveldas ir tapatumas’ / ‘State and nation: heritage and identity’. Project ‘Skaitmeninis Lietuvos architektūros istorijos ir paveldo archyvas’ / ‘Digital archives of Lithuanian architecture history and heritage’ ( Duration: September 2010 - June 2013. Project manager. Project under implementation.
National programme of Lithuanian Board of Sciences ‘Valstybė ir tauta: paveldas ir tapatumas’ / ‘State and nation: heritage and identity’. Project ‘Paveldotyra: materialumo ir nematerialumo aspektai Lietuvos tarpukario (1918-1940) architektūroje’ / ‘History and theory of heritage: material and immaterial aspects of interwar Lithuanian architecture (1918-1940). Duration: September 2012 - December 2014. Project manager. Project under implementation.

Expert activity:

Member of the third immovable cultural heritage evaluation board, Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.

Membership in organisations:

ICOMOS Lithuanian national committee office, member.
DOCOMOMO International, member.

Personal skills and competences

Foreign languages: Russian (fluent), English (fluent), German (basic).

Computer skills: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop

List of the most important academic, methodological and creative works produced over the last five years



Drėmaitė M., Petrulis V., Tutlytė J. Architektūra sovietinėje Lietuvoje / Architecture in Soviet Lithuania. Vilnius: VAA publishing house, 2012.




Articles in other reviewed publications


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Petrulis V. Sovietinės Lietuvos architektūrinio palikimo įpaveldinimo sociokultūrinės kontraversijos (Sociocultural controversies of awarding the status of heritage to Soviet Lithuanian architectural heritage objects), Journal of Architecture and Urbanism, 2012, Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 9–15.
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Petrulis V. The inheritance of ‘dispersive modernism’ as a process of cultural dialog between modernism and postmodernism (poster presentation) // 12th International Docomomo Conference, Espoo, Finland, 11-12 August 2012.
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