Reviews by exchange students

2017/2018 autumn semester

,,Well, I am in painting department. The whole year I felt easy, welcomed and relaxed. Dormitory is near the main building, food and coffee in canteen is good and cheap. Lessons made for erasmus students are of all kinds, so beside my main subject- painting, I could try graphics and felt art. All the teachers were nice and helpful as well as mentors. I also have to mention how wonderful is the city through the day and especially through the night. There is also this great possibility to travel around, Nida was charming!"

Nikola Šušovicová, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava


,,It was a very nice and inspiring experience that have brought new ideas for my next studies/works (even though I was a bit lost in chaos at the beginning). Also there are very kind and open-minded people and I'm happy I have met them."

Tkadleček Michaela, Academy of Fine Arts Munich


,,I learned a lot here. Academy has good equipment and great mentors."

Natalia Leocho, University of Art in Poznań


,,The structure is pretty good to get works done and there are a lot of possibilities thanks to the laboratories, which have good tools and stuff."

Alfonso Russo from Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli