Opening: 18th of September at 6 p.m at VAA gallery "Akademija" (Pilies st. 44)

Exhibition is open till September 30th

Exhibition SKIN NAHK ODA is part of the international project implemented by students and teachers of textile art bachelor and master study programs of Cork University Faculty of Arts (Ireland), Tartu College of Arts (Estonia) and Vilnius Art academy (Lithuania) since  2016.

Skin is a tissue with visual features closely resembling fabric, that both covers up and reveals human experience. This project had an ambitious goal to create art objects which would conceptually reveal qualities of organic matter expressed through textile technology.  The experiments of project participants through process of observation and creation of visual artefacts brought textile art into the field of social investigation, science and technology research, while organic life-forms , environment and culture around transpires into art objects.  

The exhibition was first displayed in March, 2017  in Crawford WANDESFORD Quay gallery in Cork, later moved to NOORUS gallery in Tartu. The exhibition will be housed in the Vilnius Art Academy gallery from 18th to 30th of September, 2017. 

Curators of the exhibition:

Pamela Hardesty, Aet Ollisaar, Egle Ganda Bogdanienė

Participants of the exhibition: 

Marta Tuulberg, Merje Niinepuu, Sadhbh Gaston, Annika Kiidron, Lukas Tomaševičius, Austė Guogaitė, Sarah Gabriel, Indrė Liškauskaitė, Mariann Kalder, Mariisa Põld, Oisín Burke, Kim Crowley, Severija Teresė Žukauskytė, Bernadette Tuite, Darragh Fennelly, Jordan Lynch, Sanna Kontunen, Anita Trink, Lucy Hyland, Toma Kisieliūtė, Connie McKenna, Laurie Casey, Lijana Skrickaitė, Edaein Samuels, Maarja Linsi, Helen O’Shea, Lan Anh Nguyen, Getter Tamme, Eva Junga, Kristiina Feldnmann, Laura McAuliffe, Aileen Farnan, Madeleine Dunne, Charity Ewamiekhobore, Liisa Kanemägi, Kerli Kurikka