Open lecture. Dag Eric Elgin "The Iconoclasm of Modernism: Repetition as Invention"

28th Theoretical Seminar & Creative Discussion

For Visual Art and Design MA and DA students
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Dag Erik Elgin – Norwegian artist, Professor at KHiO, Oslo National Academy of the Arts 2010-2016 and recipient of Carnegie Art Award 2014.


"The Iconoclasm of Modernism: Repetition as Invention"

October 26th. 13:00-13:45 at VDA C1 building, 102 room, Maironio st. 3

About the lecture:

Repetition as an artistic strategy was generally not accepted in Modernism, a logical reaction to centuries of academic practice. In post-conceptual art theory, high Modernism´s interpretation of early Modernism is compared to the myth of the Sphinx, with the iconic artwork taking the role of this classical figure, confronting the viewer with unsolvable riddles. Within a setting of splendid isolation the Modernist artwork is reduced to an unapproachable, unrepeatable figure refusing any dialogue with the viewer. In my lecture "The Iconoclasm of Modernism: Repetition as Invention", I suggest that repetition prospectively may lead to dialogue and invention rather than stagnation and plagiarism, frequently associated with repetitive strategies.

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Seminar is open and held in English. Moderator prof. Henrik B. Andersen.

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