Introdoctury work safety courses

Introductury work safety courses are being organized for 2017 spring semester

We invite all, who want to use VAA Vilnius faculty Art and Design laboratories and their equipment for studies and creative purpses, to come!


For registration please come to the chosen laboratory

  Name of the laboratory Registration period Course date
1 Design laboratory,
Maironio st.3, cellar
Febraury 14–22nd Febraury 23rd and 24th
2 Metal laboratory,
Malūnų st.3
Febraury 14–28th March 1st and 3rd
3 Monumental arts laboratory,
Maironio st.4, cellar
Febraury 14–March 2nd March 3rd and 7th
4 Ceramics laboratory,
Maironio st.6, ground floor
Febraury 14–20th Febraury 21st and 23rd 
5 Photography and media laboratory,
Maironio st.3, 3rd floor
Febraury 14–28 th March 1st and 3rd
6 Costume laboratory,
Maironio st.3, 1st floor
Febraury 14–22th Febraury 23rd
7 Laboratory of graphics,
Malūnų st.5, cellar
Febraury 14–23rd Febraury 24th and 27th
8 Textile laboratory,
Malūnų st.5, ground floor
Febraury 14–March 6th March 7th and 8th