ARTISTS TALK with Margarita del Carmen and Kristian Byskov

Time: 13:00 Saturday, 29th October

Location: 112 auditorium TITANIKAS

Margarita del Carmen

Margarita del Carmen is a Chilean-Danish artist living in Copenhagen. She graduated MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Margarita explores relations between sustainability and pedagogy through creative, artistic processes both through works and exhibitions as well as concrete design solutions and workshops. Margarita’s practice uses ecosystemic analyses of space with a focus on their everyday character as it’s starting point. She works with different interweaving medias such as installation, performance, sound, video and text. Here, converging questions and playful inputs bring forth ideas regarding how our relation to each other and to our surroundings can be further explored.

Kristian Byskov

Kristian Byskov is a visual artist and writer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since Kristian began working as an artist around 2001, he has worked multi-disciplinarily in various intertwining fields, making collaborative, process-based and critically engaged work. He graduated as MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The School of Walls and Space, 2013.

Kristian is currently working in different fields: literature, writing novels and manuscripts; theatre and performance; and design pedagogy – all joined through collaborative processes relating to space design. In this intersecting network of fields and subjects, as well as several connections through groups, collectives and friends, Kristian creates a practice with a lot of room for research and play.