Faculty of Postgraduate studies

Viktorija Sokolovskaja

Creative part "Upcycling Design in Context of Contemporary Fashion Design". Supervisor prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskienė

Artistic research "Upcycling Design in Context of Contemporary Fashion Design". Supervisor doc. dr. Lolita Jablonskienė

Ecological Movement originated in 1980s encouraged public’s to think, discuss, search for alternative industrial, consume methods which reduce environmentally destructive activities. Anthony Dunne in his book "Speculating Everything," notes (touching environmental issues) that we have to reconsider the consumer world set in motion during the 1950s. Seeking to reverse provisions of today, we need more pluralism in design, not of style but of ideology and values. However current design systems seeking to form more pluralistic design are strongly restricted by the current mass technology and mass production systems, not only limiting the capability of the developers but also emerging problems issues. And yet, how would look manufacturing and recycling system in the future considering the fact that (most of) today's waste will become raw materials of future. Maybe the process of creating new design objects will be achievable to everyone and the relationship between consumer and retailer will be broken?

Self-assembly design is used as method in the artistic research, seeking to create self-assembling objects. The process of self-assembling is related to material disorder and instability which are considered as the main waste recycling problems. Self-assembling is spontaneous process of self-organisation of elements in to the ordered, geometric shapes or patterns. Therefore it is important to understand how works the ordered/disordered and stable/ structures. Processes occurring at micro level often are discover in macro world, socio-cultural expression, just rarely are thought as a self-assembling systems, according to this in research is used method of analogy, which shows the correspondence between the laws and phenomena at different levels of existence and life. In order to understand how operate and what initiates self-assembling processes, the colloidal systems were investigated. These systems possess ability to create fractal patterns which appear only when system loss its stability. Similar processes are found in ecosystem, economic, fashion trends, social movements and ect. Material instability is not always a drawback. In this case instability and materials disorder are useful feature (negative becomes positive) as they get the ability to form spatial structures which can be used to shape self-creating objects and patterns. As Peter Vaill said self-organization is a fundamental thing that we must understand and learn to work with it.