Faculty of Postgraduate studies

Eglė Ulčickaitė

Creative part "Parallel File-Cabinet". Supervisor doc. Konstantinas Bogdanas

Theoretical part "Multiple Reality: Memory in the Discourse of Contemporary Art ". Supervisor prof. dr. Giedrė Mickūnaitė

My current research is focused on developing the concept of perception of multiple realities simultaneously that is to say perceiving the present in the background of the past(s).

I am also researching the field of everyday life or, in other words, commonplaces in order to develop a critical understanding of the field so as to analyze artistic practices that transform images we see everyday by cutting them out of the original context. I consider painting as a research. To be more precise, I am engaged in phenomenological research of time which unfolds in my painting. Phenomenological approach is not broad prevalent among visual art practices, except some examples of photo-media art.

In my project I investigate how painting as a way of creating reality anew could convert or converts the past tense into ‘past actual’ tense (which is absent in verbal language). Themes of memory in contemporary art are usually related to attempts to recognize/cognize and kind of report some story or so called micro-narrative through the history of ones own country. Such practices involve researches of collective archetypes, the (un)conscious of the nation, periods/eras of colonization and occupation, as well as post-colonial periods and also contemporary/temporary/today’s approach to past times and its consequences. As often as not these researches appeals to direct personal experiences.

In my project I develop the principle of reflecting past and present tenses through present tense links, which are not related/interconnected with common experience of researcher and his study. In other words, my intention is to create references or place-specific present time facts by ‘collecting’ them from the field of everyday socio-cultural life and building some anew entirety.