Faculty of Postgraduate studies

Edvardas Kavarskas

Creative part "The application of neuroresearch in visual communication". Supervisor prof. Audrius Klimas

Artistic research "Neurodesign: impact of neuroscience on visual communication". Supervisor doc. dr. Lolita Jablonskienė

In an oversaturated brand market, ever-increasing competition forces business or social brands to search for new attention-grabbing marketing methods for consumers. Current research covers the use of neuroscience, behavioral economics, psychological theories and models for marketing purposes. However, designers are often left at the margin. A more meaningful action model proposed by a creative community is to pool the efforts of designers, neuroscientists and marketing specialists and call the new concept neurodesign. The project aims at exploring the viability of this multidisciplinary formation and the impact of neuroscience on visual communication as well as to emphasize designers role in the product development process. The project also attempts to answer the question as to where the fine ethical line between the designer’s goal of creating a suggestive design and potential manipulation of consumers should be drawn.

It is expected that the results of the research part of the project will help visual communication specialists get a closer look into the field of neurodesign, explore and analyze concrete and practicable neurodesign principles and their working methods. The expected result of the creative part of the project is the creation of a visual communication project based on neuroscientific research.