Borbála Soós open lecture "Fungal Futures".

25th April, 4 pm, 102 aud. (Malūnų st. 3)

Borbála Soós is a London based curator currently undertaking a residency at Rupert. She will present her current research that centres on organisational structures in nature, including underground mushroom mycelium; slime mold intelligence and emergent behaviours; how bacteria can recognise one another and activate themselves upon reaching a critical mass; and she will talk about birds communication, and the bioluminescence of deep-sea creatures. Though entering the territory of fabulation, the lecture aims to opens up our imagination to an interconnected world.

The idea of the ruin is a dominant image in our current vision of the future. The ruin is often considered as a scene of devastation that is overtaken / overgrown by other structures – for instance mushrooms were the first living beings to emerge after the atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima. In her talk, Borbála presents fungi as a metaphor to consider tactics and organisational structures in society, or perhaps, how we can continue to live in the scene of our own devastation.  

The presentation includes a myriad of visual materials – interweaving artworks from Borbála's previous and forthcoming curatorial projects and research material, including artworks and videos by: David Attenborough, Anna Barham, Allora & Calzadilla, Olivier Castel, Rowena Harris, Jenna Sutela, Iza Trasewicz; a video about a dancing parrot; a documentary about slime mould; and a 1963 Japanese horror movie titled Matango – The Attack of the Mushroom People.

Borbála Soós (1984, Budapest, Hungary) is a London-based curator. She graduated from the MA Curating Contemporary Art course at the Royal College of Art, London in 2012, and holds an MA in Film Studies and an MA in Art History from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest since 2009. For the past four years, she has been the director and curator of Tenderpixel, an independent contemporary art gallery in central London. Borbála is Visiting Lecturer at the MA Fine Art course at the Royal College of Art, London, and also works as an independent curator. In April 2017 she is undertaking a curatorial residency at Rupert, Vilnius, working towards curating a group exhibition titled 'Mushrooms on the Ruins' at Nogueras Blanchard in Madrid, opening at the end of May, and an ambitious project for the OFF-Biennale, Budapest in October 2017.