On the occasion of the Day Against Intolerance, Teresa Sdralevich's will run a workshop ZERO INTOLERANCE at the Klaipeda Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts on November 13-16th. 

How can we define intolerance? 
Is it an absolute or a relative concept? 
What’s its place and role in Lithuanian society today?
During this workshop we, as designers and artists, will try to give a visual answer to these questions. We will translate our standpoints into slogans and images; we will design posters, but also stencils and other media to spread the word in the public space whether possible.


Teresa Sdralevich (Milan, 1969) is graphic designer, illustrator and silk-screen printer; she was born in Italy in 1969 and has been living in Brussels for many years. She has majored in Political Sciences at the University of Bologna but she switched to illustration and design upon emigrating to Belgium, rounding off her artistic education in only two years.

In her work Sdralevich addresses social, political and cultural topics; her favourite medium is (still) the poster, be it printed on her own or produced and distributed on a large scale. Her passion has led her to act as curator of various exhibitions, "Printed Commons" (with co-curator Nawal Bakouri – International Triennial Reciprocity design Liège 2015), "Posterland", "Posterama"... Sdralevich has taken part to many international poster events (as a mjury member as well) and has exhibited her work on several occasions, in Italy and abroad. 

In the last few years she has taken to leading workshops with students and children all over Europe; she focuses on low-fi political posters, or on any other medium that may help creativity spring within the frame of a designer's experience. Sdralevich stages also live print events, the most popular lately being "Protestencil".

Besides, Sdralevich is author of various picture books for adults and children.
Her last book is Poster Power! Great Posters and How to Make Them (Cicada).