Lectures-discussions with Jānis Dripe, director of Bachelor’s Study Programme “Architecture” at RISEBA university (Riga, Latvia), expert on architecture and creative industries at the Ministry of Culture, author of more than 350 articles on architecture and culture in newspapers and magazines, the book “Architecture in Latvia 1991 – 2011”, the book “Gunnar Birkerts. National Library of Latvia. Riga” and other. 

During the visit architect Jānis Dripe will hold lectures for the students of Klaipeda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts and meet the members of the Architects association's Klaipeda department. 

Lecture "Spatial aspects of Rig’s Urban development"
Riga has a stronger visual identity than Latvia – Riga looks like itself. It is more internationally – minded than Latvia. It is more modern than Latvia. It is a place of acknowledged international consequence – by historical and geographical right.
For Riga, the beginning of 21st century is defined by a rapid development of construction followed by deep economic crisis.
The capital city of Latvia - new member state of EU and NATO is hoping to position itself as the metropolis of the Baltic region - also in the area of architecture. Several international competitions and notable development projects are the first steps in this direction.

Lecture "21st century Cultural buildings in Latvia"
After a long period of stagnation in the field of cultural buildings, Latvia managed to accomplish the programme of regional concert halls (Liepāja, Cēsis and Rēzekne), to construct the new National Library, to extend and restore National Art museum and few other buildings with national significance. Competition process and built result forms an important part of national infrastructure and architectural culture of Latvia.

Review on contemporary architecture in Latvia (Baltic vernacular)
Architectural scenery after 1991 is the bright mixture of different trends and influences. Early 90ties with spectacular samples of interior design turned to era of private villas and first public buildings around the turn of centuries.  Then the period from building boom before the global economic crisis and exaggerated urban visions till common understanding of principles of sustainable development. Samples of regional identity.

Lecture "RISEBA School of Architecture"
Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) at RISEBA University of business, arts and technologies currently realises an international and competitive architecture study programme in. Since its foundation in 2011, faculty has combined the best architecture education standards and teaching experiences within Europe becoming the architecture school of the regional importance. FAD offers the education at the highest standards with the curriculum that combines its main study fields, architecture, urban planning and design, with the understanding of the business skills and social sciences

Lectures will take place at the Klaipeda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts (Daržų g. 18) 
Lecture time:
May 8th (Monday) 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.
May 9th (Tuesday) 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Meeting and lecture/discussion with the members of the Architects association's Klaipeda department will take place on May 8th at 5:30 p.m. at the address Baznyciu Str. 6-1 (3rd floor), Klaipeda. 

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