Klaipeda Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts are hosting a joint Cirrus workshop “EXTENDED DRAWING: in-between architecture/printmaking/research”

1,5 ECTS 
CIRRUS seats: 6
Darzu str. 18, Klaipeda, Lithuania 
November 27th - December 1st, 2017 (arrival November 26th, departure December 2nd)

The workshop aims to reveal possibilities and potentialities in between architectural research and graphical research from a craftsman’s point of view – through drawing and making that is. By combing architectural design thinking, drawing and graphical reproduction we will look for a new kind – extended – craft or practice. The experiments which will lead to this result will reveal possibilities of “extending” as a valid way to find new ideas, techniques and practices. 

During this workshop we will make and explore a basic spatial structure, look for ways of communicating its qualities and inquire possible ways of imagining those qualities on a two dimsnional carrier. By combining drawing and reproduction we will reinterpret the final outlook of the structure. The workshop involves collaborative reasoning, making, drawing and printing. The final product of the workshop will evolve during the sessions by collaboratively negotiating the final outlook of the presentation/exhibition.

The workshop combines reflection (research), practice and production and 
will be divided into 3 parts:
part 1: (wrong) perspective(s);
part 2: graphical techniques and reproduction ;
part 3: (re)presentation concluded with a critical/reflective open exhibition.




Robin Schaeverbeke (Bruges, 1974) got fascinated by architecture through a training as a draughtsman within Beaux-Arts methods of (architectural) drawing at the Academy Of Fine Arts, Bruges. From there on he moved to Ghent and Brussels to take on the study of Master within Architecture graduating in 1998 at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture. Left Belgium for Rotterdam in 1999 to develop designing and graphical skills within several Dutch offices. From 2004 onwards he took the opportunity to teach, redevelop and research directions for drawing courses at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Brussels, Belgium. In August 2016, Robin successfully defended his PhD dissertation "Extended Drawing” in which he explores the concept of extension as valuable way to progress in transformative fields of practice. His active and passive interest in musical improvisation led to a thesis which explores the concept of improvisation in design and drawing processes.

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