Course catalogue | Autumn semester

Optional subjects taught primarily in English:

History of Lithuanian Art (HB0255) BA and MA (HM0096)
Basics of Lithuanian language (HB0218) BA and MA
Printmaking (MB1492) BA and MA
Textile Design: Felt Art (MB0400) BA and MA
The Art of Painting on Glass (MB1824) BA and MA
Transformation of Artistic Expression. Relations of Sound and Image (BB0022) BA
Art Since 1960 (HB0298) BA
Calligraphy (MB0273) BA
Basics of interactive art and the programming environment of Pure data (BB0027) BA

Optional subjects available in Vilnius University


Animation BA

MB0514 Animation 3 (autumn)
MB0516 Animation 5 (autumn)

MB0001 Final Work Project (autumn)
MB0510 Public Relations (autumn)
MB0506 Sound expression technologies 1 (autumn)


Architecture integrated studies (BA+MA)

MV0020 Visual expression 1 (autumn)
MV0001 Basics of graphics and type for architecture (autumn)
MV0002 Basics of architectural composition (autumn)
TV0014 Computer-aided design methods 1 (autumn)
MV0022 Visual expression 3 (autumn)
MV0005 Project of a single-family house (autumn)
MV0024 Visual expression 5 (autumn)
MV0007 Project of multi-family housing complex (autumn)
MB0232 Project of multi-functional complex (autumn)
TB0277 Structural design of unique public buildings (autumn)
SM0068 Architectural Reseach Methodology (autumn)
TM0073 Urban Ecology (autumn)
MM0060 Problem-Centred Design: Context and Concept (autumn)
MM0070 Sustainable Architecture and Universal Design (autumn)

Ceramics BA

MB0018 Ceramic creative project 5 (autumn)
MB0114 Practical laboratory of ceramics 2 (autumn)
MB1412 Ceramic history (autumn)
MB0015 Ceramic creative project 4 (autumn)
MB0016 Practical laboratory of ceramics 1 (autumn)


Ceramics MA

MM0405 Design 1 (autumn)
MM0416 Personal exhibition (autumn)
MM0413 Design 3 (autumn)


Costume Design BA

MB0454 Fashion design 3 (autumn)
TB0010 Pattern-making and Draping 3 (autumn)
MB0491 Visual Expression 3 (autumn)
MB0456 Fashion design 5 (autumn)
TB0012 Pattern-making and Draping 5 (autumn)
MB0494 Visual Expression 5 (autumn)


Design BA

MB0182 Product Design 1 (autumn)
MB1566 Colour studies and 2D composition (autumn)
MB0180 Product Design 3 (autumn)
MB1511 Design sketching (autumn)
MB0664 Computer aided design 1 (autumn)
MB1320 Computer aided design 3 (autumn)
MB0659 Product and Spatial Design 1 (autumn)
MB1323 Photography Basics (autumn)
MB1945 Graphic Design 3 (autumn)
MB1976 Innovative entrepreneurship (autumn)
MB1949 Product design 5 (autumn)
MB1319 Design Presentation (autumn)


Design MA

MM0539 Experimental Design Lab 1 (autumn)
MM0541 Critical Design (autumn)
SM0050 Design Management (autumn)


Graphics BA

MB0253 Visual expression 5 (autumn)
MB0269 Graphic Project. Research (autumn)
MB0273 Calligraphy (autumn)
MB1492 Printmaking (autumn)


Graphics MA

MM0049 Creative project. Research (autumn)
MM0374 Research of Visuality in Practice 1 (autumn)
MM0375 Artist’s book (autumn)
MM0526 Work of Art- Space- Exposition 1 (autumn)


Graphic Design BA

MB0244 Graphic design 5 (autumn)
MB0097 Visual expression 5 (autumn)
MB0413 Graphic Design 3 (autumn)
MB0246 Visual expression 3 (autumn)
MB0541 Photography (autumn)


Interior Design BA

MB0335 Design 3 (autumn)
MB0340 Artificial Lighting (autumn)
MB0341 Visual Expression 5 (autumn)
MB0360 Design 5 (autumn)


Monumental Arts (fresco-mosaic and stained glass) BA

MB0368 Fresco Composition and techniques: introduction, sgraffito 1 (autumn)
MB0371 Fresco Composition and Techniques: al secco 3 (autumn)
MB0374 Fresco Composition and Techniques (Classic Mosaic) 5 (autumn)
MB0260 Painting (fresco) 1 (autumn)
MB0440 Stained glass composition and a technique 5 (autumn)


Monumental Arts (fresco-mosaic and stained glass) MA

MM0352 Artistic Project 1 (fresco-mosaic) (autumn)
MM0355 Visual Strategies (Fresco-Mosaic) 1 (autumn)


Painting BA

MB0651 Creative project 5 (autumn)
MB0592 Creative project 7 (autumn)
MB0649 Painting 5 (autumn)
MB0650 Painting 7 (autumn)
MB0597 Interdisciplinary expression 2 (autumn)


Painting MA

MM0517 Creative Project 1 (autumn)
MM0519 Creative Project 3 (autumn)


Photography and Media Arts BA

MB0493 Creative Project 1 (autumn)
MB0499 Final Work Project (autumn)
MB0510 Public Relations (autumn)
MB0506 Sound expression technologies 1 (autumn)


Photography and Media Arts MA

MM0373 Project Development 1. Seminars (autumn)
MM0210 Project Development 3. Seminars (autumn)


Scenography BA

MB0469 The basics of scenography composition and costume 1 (autumn)
MB0471 Scenographic Composition and Stage Costume 3 (The Basic of Theatre directing) (autumn)
MB0459 Painting (set design) 3 (autumn)


Scenography MA

MM0332 Creative project (stage designing) 1 (autumn)
MM0329 Visual Language of Performance 1 (autumn)


Sculpture BA

MB0191 Contemporary sculpture 1 (autumn)
MB0160 Research of expression 1 (autumn)
MB0193 Contemporary sculpture 3 (autumn)
MB0165 Research of expression 3 (autumn)
MB0195 Contemporary sculpture 5 (autumn)
MB0167 Visualization of plane 5 (autumn)
MB0197 Contenporary sculpture 7 (autumn)
MB0169 Visualization of the plane 7 (autumn)


Sculpture MA

MM0308 Contemporary sculpture 1 (autumn)
MM0372 A Method of an Artistic Research (autumn)
MM0319 Artistic study, workshops 1 (autumn)
MM0033 Contemporary Sculpture 3 (autumn)
MM0030 Imaging plane of the strategies (autumn)
MM0369 Artistic study, workshops 3 (autumn)


Textile Art and Design

MB1204 Weaving on Vertical Frame (autumn) BA
MB1058 Textile Design: Art Accessory (autumn) BA and MA