Design Innovations Centre

 4. Awareness raising

The tasks and actions provided for in the 4th priority area Awareness Raising focus on raising understanding about the impact of the design on social and economic development of the country as well as the effect it has on innovation in various fields.

Events introducing achievements of designers or design companies are constantly held in Lithuania; however, the impact thereof on the society’s perception of the design role is too small. A more targeted, target audience-focused design promotion activities are necessary. Expanding the circle of participants in these events has been recommended, first of all focusing on a more active involvement of business companies, associated business structures and the public sector. A contest for young designers should first of all acquire a status of the national contest and maybe even of the international one (for example, Pan-Baltic) later on, a list of participants and award categories should be extended, while winners should be allowed to implement innovative projects.  

A lack of understanding of the role of the design sector is also influenced by the fact that there is no comprehensive systematic information on the scope of the sector, the rate of its growth, supply of and demand for design services in business companies and the public sector. At the same time, it is not possible to objectively evaluate the role of the design on the country’s economic development, its impact on innovation system and international competitiveness. 

Dissemination of information of good practice examples on the use of design in innovative activities or increasing business competitiveness, also, the use of design on the improvement of public services would contribute to a clearer perception of the role of design in the society. Publicity campaign could include publications, TV and radio shows on design-related topics, organisation of various events and the use of possibilities provided by social networks. The proposal has been made to consider possibilities for the integration of design advocacy activities into the activities promoting innovation. Active presentation of achievements of the Lithuanian design in foreign markets (contests, exhibitions and other events) is also very important.