Design Innovations Centre

3. Strengthening cooperation

The tasks and actions provided for in the 3rd priority area Strengthening Cooperation are aimed at the ensurance of purposeful and effective design policy in Lithuania, uniting the parties interested in the development of the design sector and joining the initiatives for the development of the design implemented in Europe, also, for forming favourable environment for the interaction of the design sector with other sectors in the country.

The lack of a single structure, which would connect various design sector representatives, set a direction for the development of design and represent the design sector at the political level in the country and internationally, is identified as one of the major obstacles hindering the design development in Lithuania. Based on the experience of foreign countries, a design intermediary operating at the national level (the national design centre or design council) leads to a significant impetus for the development of the design sector. Therefore the establishment of a national design council is recommended in Lithuania, the activities whereof would include interaction of various governmental authorities, companies, design agencies, education institutions, also advice on design policy issues, ensurance of feedback between authorities implementing the design policy and beneficiaries, etc. In order to maintain a consistent dialogue between high schools, designer community, industry and governmental authorities, it has been proposed to hold annual national design forums. 

Cooperation at micro level (i.e. between designers and potential users of their services) would allow for both strengthening the design business and increasing design service demand. Execution of design business acceleration programmes in schools of higher education, establishment of a design business incubator, involvement of design sector representatives in clusters operating in the country, also joint pilot projects with the public sector solving social, environmental and other problems have been proposed as measures promoting cooperation.