Design Innovations Centre

2. Development of research and knowledge transfer

The tasks and actions provided for in the 2nd priority area Development of Research and Knowledge Transfer are aimed at increasing design innovation capacities and competitiveness of business using them. 

R&D activities in the design area can contribute to the implementation of all smart specialization priorities. The essential presumption of this process is the cooperation of design science and education institutions with scientists of technological schools of higher education in the performance of joint research in the areas of basic and applied research. Another important condition is the implementation of joint science, including design, and business R&D projects, given the topics relevant to various sectors of economy and possibilities for the commercialization of results. Infrastructure of design education institutions must be expanded for the implementation of these activities, particularly activities of experimental development.   

In order to fully utilize design R&D potential, it is important to develop design R&D system networking, i.e. the cooperation thereof with integrated science, study and business centres (valleys), science technology parks and other institutions engaged in the promotion of innovation, increasing the possibilities of design researchers to engage in joint research projects both domestically and internationally. 

The inclusion of the design into the development process of new high-value-added products is a necessary condition for the country’s businesses seeking to compete in the global market. Design R&D activities can significantly contribute to increasing competitiveness of companies in various sectors of the economy, first of all through the provision of innovative design-related advisory services to businesses, as well as through the design R&D integration into R&D projects executed by companies of different business sectors. However, given the fact that there is still a lack of understanding about the role of design R&D activities in the development process of new products, companies from various sectors of economy must be introduced to the possibilities for the use of design R&D as broadly as possible and business representatives must be informed about a possibility to make use of the EU structural fund support measures.